Roasted sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds of Vorobchiki TM – are the pride of the company. We have improved all treatment processes, production and preparation of sunflower seeds in order to all their fans could enjoy our wonderful product.

The usual

Not peeled black sunflower seed appears as the real standard of snacks. Long and wide, it conquers with the form and elegance.

The pumpkin

The real champion in amount of vitamins and useful elements, phosphorus in particular, magnesium and manganese. Pumpkin sunflower seeds satisfy daily requirement of an adult organism.

The peeled

You face a peeled sunflower seed after it passed all stages of cleaning from dust, dirt and in the end and from a shell. Manually selected , it gets to the packing in an ideal look.

tasty and healthy.

That is because we know how to make cool sunflower seeds


Sunflower seed, collected from fields, passes a careful selection and due to that we receive a snack of a perfect form.


The innovative equipment allows to get rid of unnecessary microelements.


Observing all technologies of roasting, we achieved faultless taste of a sunflower seed.


The most high-quality and environmentally friendly packing is used for a product.


The beginning of manufacturing.

After harvesting, we send sunflower seeds for a calibration process. Passing special processing, they are selected by form. That is why only the best sunflower seeds get to the packing.



It is very important

Cleaning of sunflower seeds from all unnecessary elements takes place by means of special equipment, which gives the opportunity to make this process as efficient as possible.


This is not a joke


Not everyone knows that:

Roasting of sunflower seeds – is a very complicated process, generally depending on the equipment and technology of roasting.


And what is more:

Our roasters have properties that allow you to perfectly roast the seeds, maintaining a stable temperature. That's why every seed is roasted thoroughly.

And the most important

When sunflower seeds come from an oven they are almost ready for packing. But that is not enough.


Closer and closer to an ideal

Polishing sunflower seeds gives them a smart look, they become a little matte. But another advantage of polishing is defining – it makes a sunflower seed clean and you won't be worry about cleanliness of your hands, while enjoying a product.

It is interesting:

There is an opinion that the method of polishing is folk – long ago sunflower seeds were given more attractive look this way.

And here it is - a sunflower seed:

So, we can say with confidence that our sunflower seed is fully prepared to get into the packing. Perfect!



Quality is first of all

We use three-layer and environmentally friendly packing with the metalized basis. Thereby we care not only about fans of snacks, but also about a sunflower seed because this packing allows it to keep the taste and useful properties for a long time.

Easy to open and convenient to take

The strength of the pack from a the three-layer metal cut

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