Pumpkin seeds

The best on the market

Only the best varieties of pumpkin with great taste are used for the manufacture of pumpkin seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM. Advanced technologies and the unique equipment allow to achieve a truly home taste of pumpkin seeds and ease of the flipping. The addition of moderate amount of salt emphasizes their taste.
What are they?
Pumpkin seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM are made in two variants: with addition of salt and without it. Thanks to this you can choose any variant of seeds which will suit you will like more.
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Are you serious?
  • Tasty
    Pumpkin seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM are favorably allocated due to refined taste. The innovative roasting technology of seeds allows to feel all completeness of its taste.
  • Healthy
    Curative properties of pumpkin seeds are known for a long time. Pumpkin seeds have healthy substances which support activity of an organism, and also affect as antidepressants.
The benefits of pumpkin seeds
The level of usefulness of pumpkin seeds is very high
  • Vision
    Pumpkin seeds include such elements as phosphorus and zinc which are very useful for vision and prevents its deterioration
  • Kidneys
    The use of pumpkin seeds helps in diseases of urinary tract and diseases of kidneys. A lot of drugs for kidneys are created on the basis of pumpkin
  • Potency
    Pumpkin seeds are a source of man's force and health. The nutritious structure of pumpkin seeds contains a large amount of vitamins which take part in release of testosterone
  • Liver
    The content of fatty acids in the seeds allows to use pumpkin in a liver disease. Also on the basis of pumpkin was produced “Tykveol” medicine, which cures liver
  • Recovery
    Various creams and scrubs which rejuvenate skin and nails and recover them are created on the basis of pumpkin seeds
  • Vitamins
    Pumpkin seeds take the leading positions on the content of zinc, phosphorus, iron, vitamin K and many useful substances
  • Zinc
    100 grams of pumpkin seeds provide an organism with half of the daily requirement amount of zinc. Zinc is the main material of a structure of hair and also prevents baldness
Why not?
Package with a bright and stylish design will please even the most demanding fans of seeds. Try the pumpkin seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM in new packaging of 60 grams and enjoy!
For gourmets
And there is a great variant for true gourmets – a packing of 150 grams of pumpkin seeds! This amount will allow to satisfy the thirst of this wonderful snack fans!