black crouton

The taste familiar since the childhood

Many still have children's memories of home croutons from rye bread. We could create the real rye croutons, given them the appetizing form and also added the most demanded tastes.
  • Tasty
    The rye croutons differs in excellent taste, it can be used as a single product, and in the form of unique ingredient to cold and hot dishes.
  • Healthy
    The handful of the crackling, fragrant pieces of rye croutons is not only satisfies hunger instantly and gives you an excellent charge of forces, but also makes the good, all-strengthening impact.
  • Value
    100 grams of rye croutons contain about 355.5 kcal, it is almost identical to indicators of an initial product - rye bread.
Advantages of our croutons
The most important advantages of our rye croutons are, of course, their low caloric content, healthiness and naturalness. Due to this it is possible to eat croutons at any time and you will not put on weight.
New tastes of croutons
  • The most delicious
    Rye croutons are not just a delicious product made with strict observance of recipes of baking rye bread, but also very fashionable in its design.
  • Calorie content of crouton
    Calorie content of croutons depends on initial raw materials – bread. The more calorie content of a bread, the more calories a final product has.
  • Original packing
    The rye croutons of Apachi TM are stored in the original packing that is fashionable and eye-catching in its design, quality and convenience.
The coolest in croutons
The rye croutons of Apachi TM are made of only premium rye flour, using the modern unique technology and keeping all useful elements of natural grain in a product.
  • Healthy
    It is known that rye croutons excellently protect a human body both from multiple stresses and from nervous overloads.
  • Tasty
    Physicians often recommend to overweight people to add rye croutons into their ration. They will satisfy hunger very quickly and fill in necessary energy.
  • Nutritious
    Rye croutons, possessing rather high calorie content, supported forces and helped to survive to people even in the hardest times.
  • To beer
    Today rye croutons became rather popular, they are used as in noisy companies with a glass of beer, as while watching an interesting movie.
Rye Croutons
Holodets and horseradish
Fans of something spicy should taste rye croutons with holodets and horseradish from Apachi TM. Distinct taste of holodets adds to croutons some piquancy. The form of each crouton and attracts with the appetency.
Meat with onions
Salami is considered as one of the most favourite sorts of delicious sausages. Their taste is excellently combined with ideally fried rye croutons.
Who doesn't love incredibly juicy, roasted meat with onions? That is a favorite delicacy of many people! We could connect two most tasty products, having received rye croutons with taste of fragrant meat and onions.