White wheaten

The most delicious white toast

So often in the evening you want something to chew before a computer monitor or TV. Somebody chooses seeds, another people choose candies, well, someone is just crazy about crispy and fragrant croutons!
  • Healthy
    Wheaten croutons, as well as bread, contain a significant amount of cellulose, carbohydrates, vitamins B and microcells. When drying, all useful properties remain, and perfectly restore the spent forces.
  • Tasty
    Use of healthy olive oil, only natural spices and fresh bread of porous structure – that makescroutons such special and tasty!
  • Chic
    Production of croutons is conducted only at strict observance of All Union State Standards. Checking of product quality takes place both in manufacture and after delivery to retail outlets.
  • To beer
    It is possible to drink beer without crackling snacks, but it will be much tastier if a little package or even more delicious wheat croutons will lie along with a cool glass of beer.
The coolest in croutons
Modern society is constantly trying to achieve all the desires for short time frames, and it simply has no daily opportunity to spend hours on cooking. Wheat croutons fill the energy stocks of human body.
New flavors croutons
The tastiest
  • A wide variety of bright tastes and reasonable price made croutons one of the most favorite delicacies for millions of consumers.
  • Apachi TM croutons are made in Ukraine, observing all highest European quality standards.
  • The crackling croutons with taste of bacon, cheese, sour cream will certainly be pleasant to both adults and children.
  • Undoubtedly, croutons are considered as a fashionable and youth product.
  • Due to a graceful crunch, a consumption of such snacks causes the mass of positive emotions.
  • Croutons are natural, healthy and not high-calorie. These are very important advantages of croutons.
  • Wheat croutons will relieve you from feeling hungry, reinforce healthy energy, as well as bring a real pleasure from the taste.
Amazingly gentle crunch and magnificent quality of Apachi croutons delight you and all your family.
Original taste of croutons is perfectly combined with taste of fragrant slices of bacon. The unique technology of roasting will allow to estimate all saturation of unsurpassed taste.
Red caviar
We took ideally fried croutons and added taste of the well-known fish delicacy - red caviar. As a result we received the tastiest croutons and a huge number of true lovers.
Holodets and horseradish
Having combined the tastiest home holodets from pork with a horse-radish and perfectly fried croutons, we received the product containing all magnificence of flavoring properties, and you certainly would not like to refuse from it.
Smoked sausages
Fragrant smoked sausages were loved by many people for a long time. Now there is an opportunity to estimate graceful croutons and excellent taste.
Do you like refined taste of seafood? We have a unique delicacy for you - croutons with taste of a sea crab! You will appreciate all flavoring palette of this product!
Sour cream with greens
Having mixed the most tasty sour cream sauce and natural, fragrant, carefully ground herbs, we received the chic taste, which perfectly conjoins with toasted, wheat croutons.