Like from a gold!
The premium unsurpassed pistachio is allocated with the form and a golden color. It is a product for real leaders and confident persons!
Cool packing
The magnificent design of packing completely corresponds with a quality of a premium pistachio. The combination of black and gold colors is impregnated with wealth and luxury.

Packing is made on the metalized basis that also speaks about quality and the status of a product.
Easy to open
Now you can get a complete pleasure, because 98% of our pistachios are open!
The long use of a pistachio in a diet reduces a blood pressure
  • Advantage
    Fineness and uniformity - these are the main indicators of premium pistachios. They are brightly expressed in our product.

    Pistachio oil treats skin diseases.
  • All as one
    Only pistachios of the same form get to packing as they passed a qualitative selection.
    In Western Europe it is considered that pistachios prevent lung cancer.
  • Easier than you can imagine
    Due to the structure of an envelope, the packing isn't broken more, than it is necessary, when you open it, keeping thus the form.
    The meaning "pistachio" came from the Persian language
  • And how healthy!
    Daily use of this wonderful snack will reduce the probability of heart diseases.
    The process of opening pistachios makes a person happy
Selected and most useful pistachios
  • Antioxidant
    This is one of the main qualities with a help of which it is possible to characterize pistachios boldly. They perfectly restore and rejuvenate cells in a human body.
  • Life tree
    Pistachios are so useful that they are called "fruits of a life tree" in China. Also the pistachio represents wealth in many cultures.
  • Rationally
    Pistachio is one of the few products in which caloric content, amino acids and useful substances are well combined.
  • Interesting to know
    In ancient times doctors recommended a pistachio for the diet and achievement of an ideal figure.
  • From fatigue
    According to the research, scientists and people working mentally claim that pistachios relieve stress and strain on the brain.
  • Potency
    Pistachio is a wonderful aphrodisiac which improves a potency and health of urinary tract.
  • Pistachios are actively used for treating diseases
  • Pistachio nut is the direct relative of mango
  • The first mention of pistachios in recipes came from Italy