To reach the ideal

Toasts as a product were invented a long time ago, but every century the recipe was perfected. Apachі TM could make a work of art from this simple product, given it the ideal form and gifted it with tremendous taste.
It has been suggested that the name "French toast" came from the word "warm", which has been known since ancient times. There is another idea, which states that the basis is taken from the popular among the French «grains».
Only the best raw materials
The main criterion of the toast quality is the raw material from which they are made. "Apachі" TM uses only the best white flour for their products, which allows to produce the toast of the perfect quality.
Exclusive product
Assessing the needs of our customers, we came to introduce an exclusive product to the market that stands out with extraordinary taste and original form.
Charged with energy
Toasts are saturated with carbohydrates, which are digested very well. After tasting the toast, the body charges with plenty of energy, which is enough for many hours. A great snack!
Even for diet
Since the toasts are rich in fiber, they are extremely healthy. They can be safely used for adding to the first dishes and salads, especially when you are on a diet. Toasts promote weight loss, as they are moderately high in calories.
  • Toasts
    Toasts are classic: coarsely sliced, roasted croutons with an amazing taste.
  • Exclusive
    Toast are perceived as the product of a more individual consumption, while watching movies or at the computer
  • Nostalgia
    Toasts give pleasure by crunching sound that causes pleasant associations with childhood and give the opportunity to feel like a child.
  • Gourmets
    Food lovers can choose just croutons or toasts, with a flavor of smoke or caviar, but salty and deliciously crispy on the teeth
Well,let's try?
Fragrant mustard
Fragrant mustard is the most popular spice of Slavic cuisine. Spicy, large croutons is an amazing dish with fragrant of mustard, perfect as for a hot soup or as a peerless beer snacks.
Pungent garlic
In order to maximize the aroma and taste of garlic, the vegetable thoroughly grind up and added to the roasted toasts. This is a great snack for the true lovers of garlic.
Suet and mustard
The best taste for the true Ukrainian is fragrant suet with the mustard. What else you need to be happy? Feel proud to serve it up as an appetizer for the true Ukrainian dishes – for example borsch!
Veal and adjika
Toasts with a flavor of tender veal and moderately pungent adzhika are ready to fascinate fans of this wonderful snack. Tried these toasts, you will taste a refined meat aftertaste.