These two snek are united by a lot of things. Not for nothing after all the peanut because of its old belonging to China is called "the Chinese pistachio". But both of them are magnificent and don't concede each other in anything!
  • Peanut
    The most excellent kernels of beans called "peanut" are made by Grandi TM fried and with salt. They are useful, but its main advantage is an exclusive taste.
  • Pistachio
    We chose the best sorts of a pistachio to present to this product lovers unforgettable emotions. Pistachios from Grandi TM gain unsurpassed aroma after roasting.
  • Premium
    Premium Pistachios differ in the refinement of taste and color. Only in appearance they are ready to exceed all expectations of fans!
and excellent
Unique taste
The peanut from Argentina has unique taste as it is grown up in ideally suitable climatic environment. This fact also allows beans to keep the necessary chemical composition which is strongly influence tastes.
The best quality
The technology of a peanut cultivation in Argentina is the best. In the same place it is cleared perfectly of dirt, left thus whole and safe.
  • Argentina gives on export
    90% of a peanut
  • Main sales market of the
    Argentina peanut is a -
    European Union
Why Argentina?
The Argentina peanut is recognized around the world long ago and meets strict standards.
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and all because
it is the best
Correct form
Grandi TM presents to consumers only a perfect peanut which passed a calibration stage. Kernels of beans are of an ideal form, and therefore even to look at them is pleasure.
There are about
75 subspecies of a peanut
The kernel keeps the taste
of the real peanut for a long time
Taste is what you need
The form and the size of a peanut are harmoniously combined, but that is not all. They are complemented by unique taste, and one of its main criteria is balance.
The most nutritious nut in the world is a peanut. Its beans contain a huge amount of protein and such the microcells, necessary for an organism.
Due to the combination with a variety of peanut products it is perfectly applied in food branches, as well as produced in fried, and blanched form.
Many snacks produced by our company bring a great benefit for an organism. The peanut is not an exception, after all it contains an uncountable variety of vitamins and microcells.
  • Healthy food
    There is not only one type of diet which is based on the peanut. The reason for this is not only a great taste, but also an abundance of unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Anti-stress
    There is not only one type of diet which is based on the peanut. The reason for this is not only a great taste, but also an abundance of unsaturated fatty acids.
  • No cholesterol
    The peanut contains enough useful acids, in particular the linoleic and the arachidonic one in order to bring cholesterol level into norm and so to protect organism cells from harmful substances.
  • For all bodies
    The peanut is so various in its benefits that improves work of many bodies: liver, nervous system, heart, blood vessels and even stomach.
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for the rich men
and oligarchs
Big and gold
The form of pistachios attracts itself, and when roasting nuts get a golden shade. Largely because of this pistachios are associated with wealth and chic.
and useful
The kernel, long keeps
taste of a pistachio
True flavor
Pistachio is a snack that is often used in dishes and pastries. But to feel the true taste of snacks it is better to use it without combining with other foods and enjoying the exquisite taste of the pistachios.
Divine taste
You cannot confuse the taste of pistachios from Grandi TM with anything: it is very gentle, sweet and even has creamy notes. And after a roasting process pistachios become a little crunchy.
  • Pistachio
    It is interesting that there is officially recognized day of a pistachio which is celebrated on February 26 around the world. So many people pay tribute to this remarkable nut.
  • Pistachio premium
    The fact that pistachio fruits are collected only at night, makes it a premium product. After all in the afternoon it emits many essential oils from, which aroma even dizziness can begin.
To keep natural taste and flavor of a pistachio, we made the packing which is ideally suited for this product. It strikes with magnificent design and excellent quality of material. Thanks to such packing, our product is long stored and doesn't lose the useful properties.
Easy to open
and convenient to take
The strength of the pack
of the three-layer metal cut
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