Yes, they are!

Flipping them is a pleasure, their amazing and unique taste is familiar to everyone. On the eve of a football or а hockey game we are looking for them - pistachios. They are so tasty and … so healthy! Why? Let us find out now!
What are they?
Pistachios of GRANDI TM are fragrant nuts roasted in a unique way. The range contains both silver (usual) and gold (premium) pistachios. Only the most high-quality pistachios of the last crop are used in preparation. When roasting with a help of the best equipment and special technology, we receive an amazing product which taste remains for a long time.
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Are you serious?
  • The usual
    Pistachios of GRANDI TM Silver is the magnificent product with the amazing taste delighting both children and adults. Everything is due to the product`s high quality of taste and its usefulness.
  • The Premium
    Pistachios of GRANDI TM Gold are perfect nuts of a large size and only premium quality. Tried them once, you plunge immediately into the divine taste of amazing nuts and you would not refuse any more.
About pistachios
The skill perfected for years, the new modern high-performance equipment, love to the business, and also aspiration to be the best is the cornerstone of the quality of production.
  • Tasty!
    If you eat a couple of handfuls of pistachios during the day, it is possible to reduce by the cholesterol level in blood on 12%!
  • It is useful to know
    Tried our product once, you will understand that we manufacture it with soul, constantly thinking of our consumers. Only the best goods, only the superior quality!
  • Satisfy hunger today
    Scientific studies have shown that just one handful of pistachios, eaten with white bread, satisfies "hunger" and lowers the blood sugar level. It turns out that pistachios regulate our appetite great!
Interesting fact
Pistachios are"rejuvenating nuts"! Why? They comprise a large number of necessary for a human cellulose and antioxidants which, in turn, keep you young. Based on this fact, they were also nicknamed "rejuvenating nuts", and a pistachio tree was called "a life tree".
Long ago pistachios were called "a magic nut", but nevertheless the most interesting name to this nut was given by Chinese: the slightly opened nutshell reminds a smile very much and they called a pistachio "happy nut".
Amino acids
An amino-acid row is quite seriously presented in fruits of "a life tree". Certain essential amino acids reach daily norm of quantitative composition per 100 grams of a product.
In total the "rejuvenating nuts" contain 12 essential for a human amino-acid elements.