Pumpkin Kernels

A tasty black

sunflower seed.

Or rather, the most tasty black sunflower seed.

Seeds of a sunflower is unique and incredibly useful product. Their structure contains a large amount of the vitamins and minerals capable to give strength for all day, they can be a mean of prevention from diseases. Sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM unite all these useful properties, so it is an excellent product for a whole family!

What are they?

Sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM combine a variety of choices and an exquisite taste. With its innovative equipment we succeeded in developing two types of the seeds: roasted and not shelled sunflower seeds and roasted not shelled sunflower seeds with salt of "Vorobchiki" TM

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Are you serious?

The usual

Roasted and not shelled sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM are an excellent sneck for the fans of all ages. The distinguishing feature of this type of sunflower seeds is a distinct aroma of fresh roasting. Breathe in and have pleasure!

The salty

Sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM will become an ideal snack for you. Natural, tasty, healthy and now also salty sunflower seeds will bring pleasure and will make your rest rather tasty. Gather your friends and have a really good time!

Roasted sunflower seed

Secret of sunflower seeds excellent taste is in the special roasting technology, allowing to keep all the nutrients and vitamins.


Main goal of our production is to create a natural snack that would combine the diversity of freshly roasted taste of sunflower seeds and unsurpassed aroma of this fine product.


Seeds of a sunflower are very helpful for the body as they have lots of vitamins and minerals which usefulness is difficult to overestimate. One of the main vitamins in sunflower seeds is the vitamin which has anti-inflammatory effect.

Let`s try "Vorobchiki"!

Roasted sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM in a package of 100 grams for the true fans! Such volume of package gives the chance to try out this fine snack and fully enjoy the taste.

For a big company

Package of 300 grams with sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM is perfect for a big company! Spend time together, have fun, relax and do not forget to bring along the seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM.

Have a long trip?

Are you going for a trip? Take sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM with you in a package of 180 grams which will not get you bored even on the way to the end of the world

Maybe with salt?

Do not forget to try sunflower seeds of "Vorobchiki" TM also with salt!

Why not?

The unique taste of sunflower seeds with salt of "Vorobchiki" TM is achieved by adding a special salt filtration and the smallest kind of milling with a help of the best equipment.

For the gourmets

Sunflower seeds in the package of 90 grams can become favorite delicacy for all ages. A design will conquer even the most demanding gourmets of sunflower seeds!

That tasteс

Enjoying exquisite taste of sunflower seeds with salt of "Vorobchiki" TM and remember the best moments of your life! After all only our sunflower seeds have the taste which will always please you.

- And that's all?

- Actually, no.


Great mix of seeds and peanuts

of "Vorobchiki" TM!

Sunflower seeds with peanuts(2 in 1)

Simple and delicious combination.

And you do not need more

The peanut differs in fine taste, it is healthy and nutritious. And sunflower seeds are the most known snack in the world. These two products complement each other perfectly.


The magnificent flavor combination from "Vorobchiki" TM in one package brings together fans of peanuts and sunflower seeds!