Croutons and toasts

  • Wheaten
    Wheaten croutons represent a product of low humidity, they are fragile, with very pleasant, unique taste and a smell.
  • Rye
    Rye croutons are nourishing product, containing an impressive percentage of microcells, necessary for human health.
  • Toast
    The toasts have slightly more vitamins in their structure, they are much less high-calorie, and thus their comprehensibility is higher than of the rye croutons.
  • Recipes
    Croutons are made not from usual bread. A special dough is kneated for them by a unique recipe, which gives especially pleasant fragility to a product .
  • Products
    Only the best raw materials are used for the dough. The main ingredient is premium quality wheat and rye flour, salt, sugar, yeast, eggs and special ferment.
  • With love
    The skill perfected for years, the new modern high-performance equipment, devotion to business, and also aspiration to be the best is the cornerstone of excellent production quality.
  • We slice
    The process of crouton production is one of the most complicated, it consists of several stages: preparation of bread, slicing to the required dimensions and baking in the oven.
  • the bread
    For the manufacture of delicious croutons we used products of perfect quality, combined in a unique way all the ingredients and baked the bread.
  • gently
    Allowing the bread to cool completely, we cut it into small, flat rectangular pieces that are needed for a perfect drying.
  • and
    Then pieces of bread will be dried, and with a help of proper temperature they will get the required level of moisture and crunchy properties.
  • carefully,
    The croutons are baked under a certain temperature, namely 165-220 ° C for a couple of dozen minutes.
  • dry it
    When tender slices of bread fall into a hot oven, a huge number of small cracks appear on their surfaces.
  • professionally
    Cracks cannot be noticed, but they give crunches so pleasant fragility for the croutons.
  • and add
    After that one thing should be added – spices. They impart to croutons all favorite tastes of consumers.
  • the delicious
    When packing several portions of the product are weighed at the same time. When the best one is chosen it sealed in the package.
  • spices.
    In the end we get delicious croutons of Apachi TM in a compact package, thanks to them a nosh becomes really fast and satisfying.
The only way to receive the most delicious and healthy crackers!
  • Healthy
    This product has an amazing taste, for which he received the dedication and respect of the huge number of consumers around the world.
  • Tasty
    Although a variety of snack products becomes more and more every year, croutons have always been the leaders!
  • Chic
    Croutons with different flavors have become really popular. This appetizer is perfect for both noisy companies and quiet once for an interesting film.
  • For lovers
    True lovers can choose both white and rye croutons with a flavor of sour cream or caviar, but always salty and pleasantly crispy on the teeth.
Hermetically metallized envelope possessing especially high barrier properties. It is opaque and protects a product from sunlight. This considerably prolongs the freshness.
It is easy to open
and conveniently to take
Pack durability from
a three-layer metal cut
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